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As the very first online-service-repair company, Endodoctor GmbH offers a strategic solutions with fast and simple solutions for first class repairs of: Rigid Endoscopes, Flexible Endoscopes, Endo-Sonographs, TEE-Probes, Compressed-Air hoses, Fibre-Optic, Light Cables, Scissors, Scalpels. Forceps, Punches, Rongeurs, chisels, Spoons, Curettes, Hooks, Elevators, Needleholders, Clamp Forceps, Sping Forceps, Abdominal Retractors.

Order Repair Service:

Endodoctor Endoscope Repair Service

  • Please select a below-mentioned service of Endodoctor GmbH.
  • Create a accompanying document which will be send afterwards to you by eMail.
  • Print out your accompanying document (eMail) and add it to your shipment.

If there are any problems creating your accompanying document, you can send your shipment document to Endodoctor by Telefax:
+49-(0) 7467 – 94 51 89 1

Repair Shipment

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The customer can independently send the broken endoscope(s) or instrument (s) via post and after approval of our repair quotation, the repaired products are returned via post.

Pick Up Service

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The customer can also instruct and their logistics patrner to collect the defective products, and again after approval of repair quotation the products are returned.

Packaging Service

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Should the customer not have adequate packaging materials for the defective products, endodoctor.decan supply packaging materials via our logistic partner. Thas customer then packs the endoscope (s) or Instrument (s) and requests collection from and our logistic partner. Likewise after approval of repair quotation, the products are returned.

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