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The Endodoctor product range

Endodoctor’s entrepreneurial activities can be summarised in a few words: in addition to production, our main focus is on the manufacturer-independent repair of both rigid and flexible endoscopes.

-We also provide instruments for use in the entire spectrum of human and veterinary medicine. Feel free to thoroughly explore our website.-


Produkte Endoskope

The fast move towards minimally invasive surgerie has brought about a host of many different of diagnosing and treating many conditions using endoscopes.

Our endoscopes are compatible with almost all known manufacturers. This applies to the locking with shafts and work elements as well as for the safe connection to all common cold light cables. The graduation windows are made from extremely scratch-resistant sapphire glass distally and proximally, and the mechanism has been designed for a high corrosion resistance completely made of stainless steel. These factors contribute to the long life of Endodoctor endoscopes. Brilliant image quality – with the current development stage of video technology with HDV – is provided by a high-resolution optical image guidance system. Of course, all endoscopes from our delivery programme are fully autoclavable (134°C/273°F).

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Produkte Instrumente

Endodoctor offers a full line of endoscopic manual instruments including punches, scissors and graspers to perform any minimal-invasive surgery procedure and accommodate individual surgeon preferences.

Located in Tuttlingen, the well-known world centre of medical technology, we are part of a large network of specialists. While we see our core competency as being in the manufacture and repair of rigid and flexible endoscopes, we work with a number of skilled traders, which are part of the long tradition of the Tuttlingen instrument makers. Our affiliation to this network provides our delivery programme with all the shafts and instruments that are necessary for endoscopic diagnosis or therapy.


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Produkte Zubehör

Endodoctor’s surgical visualization product line offers several high-quality light cables to ensure compatibility with visualization equipment

In addition to our endoscopes and instruments, you will find an extensive range of accessories. Our main focus in this area is on all types of cold light cables and sterilisation accessories. Endodoctor cold light cables are compatible with almost all light sources and endoscopes. We supply the right cable for every requirement. You can find an overview of the various connections and versions in our download centre.

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