• Endoskop Reparatur und Service, Aufbereitung von Endoskopen

We offer to doctors, hospitals and the industry:

Endoscope –repair and –servicing, no matter which brand and which model,

manufacture and sale of endoscopes and associated instruments


Endodoctor –  Endodoctor – successfully established endoscope repair company, service provider and manufacturer – provides systems for human and veterinary medicine as well as for various industrial applications.




Endodoctor GmbH will repair your endoscope regardless of which manufacturer it was made by

Endodoctor is a manufacturer and repair company for endoscopes of all the most well-known brands. As a result, endoscopes from Endodoctor are compatible with almost all major manufacturers of medical devices. Endodoctor endoscope services has developed into a successful medical technology company within a very short time. The service has strong foundations, resulting in constant upward growth for the company. The great demand for value and sustainability has always been the motivation that drives us. Since the beginning, we have been maintaining and repairing endoscopes and instruments from all of the various brands. The repair spectrum extends from video endoscopes to endoscopy cameras and the optics for most medical devices. We will be pleased to submit a binding offer for the repair of your endoscopes and instruments.


Individual service contracts, which are custom-made according to customer requirements, ease your workload and keep your business running.

The prerequisite to providing the customer with optimal health care is the smooth functionality of the endoscopes and instruments. Together with our customers we develop service concepts tailored to their needs, which ensures the long-term value of all our medical products. In order to achieve this, the first step is bringing the medical stock up to optimal condition. The Endodoctor Service Agreement guarantees that this condition will be sustained over the entire contract period. We help our customers and partners to separate important matters from the unimportant ones and to gain time for the essentiales.


Development and production of medical equipment  

Endodoctor offers its customers a comprehensive range of rigid and flexible endoscopes for all the specialist areas of human and veterinary medicine.

We develop, produce and market endoscopes and endoscopic accessories in over 30 countries worldwide, all of them made in Tuttlingen (Germany). Our customers are doctors, hospitals and the medical specialist trade. We always focus on compatibility with existing systems. Economically, this gives our customers many advantages.

In addition to marketing our own products, we are also increasingly active as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Our equipment is marketed and used worldwide under the most diverse brand names. We carry out the following work for our OEM partners: assembly of customer-specific components, serial production of existing product lines, as well as development of new equipment.


Quality assurance in medical technology

Medical quality assurance is a key issue in medical technology manufacturing and repair. Our MPG-compliant quality management guarantees that all binding requirements for the compliant application or market release of medical devices are met. So trust yourself to be in the best of hands. We will be glad to assist you personally.


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