Many pet owners are more and more anxious that examinations, treatments and surgical interventions of their animals.  Any improvement to an examination or treatment method is a benefit. Particularly in the field of endoscopic treatments, a large number of innovations have been made in recent years that meet this requirement.

Especially for the veterinarian in the practice, we offer a new universally applicable endoscopy set. This Endoscope set for numerous applications offers complete equipment for many examinations and procedures.

As an example, an examination of the respiratory apparatus in dogs and cats, including high-resolution visualization (HD), can be carried out with this system. Likewise, this endoscopic basic equipment can be used for otoscopy.

Included in the endoscope system are the digital high-resolution endoscope camera and a universal endoscope, which can be combined and used for numerous indications.

Endoskopische Grundausstattung für den Tierarzt. Das Set beinhaltet alles, was der Veterinär für eine endoskopische Untersuchung benötigt.

By expanding the system according to our brochure “Basic Endoscopic Equipment and Instruments for Small Animal Practice“, the veterinarian is able to offer the following procedures:

Arthroscopy, laparoscopy, percutaneous cystoscopy, thoracoscopy, examination of the oral cavity

We at ENDODOCTOR Product Management are sure to provide you with a practical solution for a variety of endoscopic procedures and examinations. Our endoscopes and instruments Made in Germany meet the highest standards and are very competitive through our direct sales.

The set includes the following items:


  • Camera system for live image display, recording of single images and videos. Included in delivery is the integrable LED lighting and a C-mount optic coupler.
  • ENDODOCTOR Endoscope-Standard, Diameter: 2,7mm, Length: 187mm, Direction of view: 30°, Sterilization: autoclavable 134°C / 273°F, Compatibility: Storz ,Origin: Made in Germany


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